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Guaranteed Leads Programs

Guaranteed Leads Programs, also known as Content Syndication, come in a variety of forms. The general idea is that you provide material for download (such as a white paper, analyst report, or webinar invitation) and a description of your offer. You also specify the criteria for what constitutes a lead (for example, job function, company size, budget). The publisher takes your material and offers it to a relevant audience through various means such as web sites, email newsletters, telemarketing, email blasts, etc. You receive (and pay for) only leads that meet the agreed upon criteria.

The price for these programs varies greatly depending upon a number of factors including:

  • The relative ease or difficulty of obtaining the leads.

  • Stringency of lead definition.

  • Method used for qualifying leads (e.g., in-depth telemarketing is more expensive than online form completion).

How much it makes sense to pay for a lead depends, of course, upon the value of a sale for your product or service. Contact us to discuss what type of guaranteed leads program would be most effective for you.