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Email Deliverability Enhancement

Our Email Deliverability Enhancement (EDE) service optimizes two aspects of your email:

  1. Spam filter penetration, improving delivery rates by 5-10%.
  2. Display compatibility, making sure your email displays as intended in a wide variety of email programs.

In an environment where success or failure is measured in tenths of a percentage point, every email message that fails to get through to its intended recipient is a lost opportunity. Industry estimates indicate that the proliferation of spam filters has created a virtual spam filter minefield, which traps as much as 14-25% percent of email messages broadcast for legitimate marketing purposes.

All kinds of things can set off spam filters — HTML code elements as well as content. In the content certain words such as free or complimentary can trigger spam filters, and certain html code elements, even though properly formed, can also attract the attention of spam filters. You can get away with one or two of these triggers but the cumulative effect of all of these little things can cause your email to be rejected at the ISP level, the corporate level, the department level, or even the personal PC level.

What Our EDE Service Includes:

  • All HTML code or style elements reviewed and corrected to ensure there are no missing code elements or coding styles that will attract the attention of spam filters.

  • Copy carefully reviewed for keywords or content that would trigger a spam filter.

  • Your campaign tested against several different types of spam filters in our lab as well as against a variety of ISPs and corporate networks until we get the email through.

  • Email Cross-Browser Compatibility assessed and corrections made. Sometimes an email message will look fine in one email browser but odd characters will appear when the same message is viewed from another email program. Our service checks for these types of cross-browser compatibilities and corrects them too. Typically these types of problems are caused by the use of ASCII characters rather than proper HTML codes for punctuation.

  • Correction of broken or incomplete links and other simple HTML coding problems.

We give you more than just a list of corrections. We actually make all the changes for you and send you back an optimized file.

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