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Post Campaign Tracking Reporting and Analysis

At TargetRight Marketing, our services don’t stop when your campaign has launched. We work with you to track the results and analyze them.

Email Campaigns

With email campaigns, we collect the click-through tracking and open rate data from the list owners and collate them into a single report for you. We also collect the results of your campaigns over time, building up a history of which lists perform best for you. But click-through tracking is only part of the picture. Typically, approximately 40%-50% of the people who click through to the landing page actually register or complete your form. We want to track that data, too. But in this case, we depend upon you to send us the data. Our tracking reports come with placeholders for you to fill in the number of registrations for each list. That way you can track list performance by both click-through and registration rates. They aren’t always the same. Sometimes the list with the highest registration rate isn’t the one with the highest click-through rate.

A Cautionary Word About Opens

Ideally, you’d use open rate tracking to test the effectiveness of your subject line and click-through rate to test how well your offer and copy worked. Unfortunately, there is no way to accurately measure whether or not someone opens your message. So although we include Opens in our tracking reports, we don't pay too much attention to them when assessing campaign performance. Here’s what Opens actually track. A link to a small invisible graphic is inserted into your email copy. This graphic lives on a server and every time the message is opened, it touches that server in order to pull up the little graphic, and this is counted. Here’s the problem: if the recipient uses preview panes (and most do), the graphics are all opened when the recipient scrolls past the message, and this gets counted as an “open.” And guess what? there's yet another limitation - image blocking. Most email programs block images by default nowadays and many recipients do not bother to change this setting. With image blocking in effect, the images sit untouched on the remote server(s) - including that little invisible image used to track opens. So much for HTML Opens. Now we get to text. There is no mechanism of any kind for tracking pure text messages.

The one (marginally useful) thing an HTML Open indication does do is tell you that your message reached a recipient's inbox. From this perspective, Opens tracking can be used to give you a rough idea of how well you’re doing getting past spam filters.

Direct Mail Campaigns

We always request that you seed us on your Direct Mail Campaigns so that we can help ensure the pieces have been delivered and give you feedback on when we have received them and if there are any problems with them (e.g., if they are arriving torn, if they have been inserted upside down in the envelopes). We will also track the results for you but in this case, we are dependent upon you to provide us with the data.

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